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Search to see if your desired domain is still available to purchase, buy your domain today, or Jarrod can assist you through this process.

The annual cost to keep a website operational has been known to have been quite expensive. Until NOW that is.

Jaytal can now keep your page running live on the net for next to nothing, just $12.50 per month, $150.00 pre paid each year.
However this $150.00 does not include the cost of a domain. Recently I've found that its easier for myself (the designer) and you (the website owner) to be in full control of your own domain. JayTal can take administration of your domain while you are taking advantage of our great prices.You will remain the owner of your domain during this time.

JayTal can handle all of your account renewing so you have nothing to worry about paying both domain and hosting bills to two different companies, on time so your account dont expire. For $200.00 per year

JayTal Web Designs can offer you fantastic web solutions at unbelievable prices. We can offer clients a full web site package, with prices starting at $400. included in that price is a domain of your choice (a .com or, providing it is available), a host and of coarse a fully customised web page. Prices will depend on content and size of the web site.

Number of pages included * 5 10 20

For further information
Free consultation **
Page hosting
1 Mail box
Search Engine Optimisation ***
Stat Counter ****
Total cost *****

    * Additional pages will be charged at $20 per hour.
   ** Free consultation applies only at my office, unless otherwise organised.
       Consultation may also be conducted by email if possible to do so.

  *** Search engine optimisation includes constructing your web site using commonly searched    
       keywords for your business type in order to attract search engine traffic. JayTal does not
       guarantee getting your search results on the first page, but will try to obtain the highest rank    
       possible, for you.

 **** Stat Counter is a way of logging who visits your website. It Provides stats like amount of
       visitors, popular pages, keyword analysis, search engine wars, visit length, visitors location.
       All in an easyily understandable format.

***** Prices shown are only an estimate, JayTal will provide you with a customised quote to suit
       your needs/wants. If your website plan changes after our initial quote has been given, I will
       inform  you of the  new charges  before any  work is  carried out.  Total price  may vary,
       depending on what the content is that you choose to use on your page.

       Payment Terms, A non-refundable deposit is required before any work is started on your 
       website. Once you have approved your website design, with my assistance, a further 50% of
       the agreed amount will be due. The remaining 50% due on site completion.
       Any account that is not paid within 30 DAYS of recieving the invoice, will result in having        the website taken off the internet until it is settled.

Updating a website regularly is a vital part of owning a website. There's no point having a website and forgetting about it as it defeats the purpose. Websites give the best results when all content included on your page is relevant and up to date.
JayTal offers you a very low updaing cost to encourage updates are performed more often.
Updates should be implemented at least, once a quarter. If not more often

  • $20 per hour - Recommended only if one or two updates per year are required.
  • $200 per year - This will be billed at time of annual website subscription. Maximum of 5 updates per quarter. After the 5 updates, updates will be billed at $20 per hour.
  • please refer to payment terms above, as these apply to any invoice.